Bozeman, Montana Urban Design Guidelines

Downtown Bozeman's pedestrian scale and lively mix of businesses draws visitors from far and wide.

Known as “The Most Livable Place” for its renowned natural beauty, world class fishing, skiing, abundant recreational opportunities, and gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Bozeman is also a regional commercial center for much of the south central region of Montana.

CDG developed the city’s new Urban Design Manual to increase opportunities for human-scaled and context-appropriate development, innovative urban design, improved multimodal connectivity, and orderly and sustainable development while responding to the city’s unique physical and natural character.

CDG's recommendations provide forward-thinking guidance for building, site and district design with clarity, transparency, user-friendliness, and consistency. Incorporating the input of members of Bozeman's design community, the guidelines focus on development that is human scaled, adhere to transit-oriented development principles, promote pedestrian accessibility, support opportunity for economic activity, maximize potential for placemaking, are compatible with Bozeman’s character, and respond to local building traditions.