Chaska Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

Improving "All Ages and Abilities" connectivity across Chaska is a key priority for the plan.

Chaska’s new Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan will help its residents access a safe, convenient and inviting Active Transportation network.

Located in the western edge of the Twin Cities metro area, and with a growing population of 26,500 people, the city has numerous assets in place - including a growing network of parks and trails, beautiful natural and agricultural landscapes, thriving industry and commerce, and a vital and historic downtown.

Its new Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan will build from its current assets and address existing issues to cost-effectively grow its “All Ages and Abilities” network and expand connectivity and access across the entire community.

Based on a holistic “6Es” framework, the plan offers numerous initiatives addressing engineering and infrastructure development, education, encouragement, enforcement, measurement and evaluation, and equity. To support the plan’s successful implementation, cost estimates, engagement recommendations and other considerations are also included.