Minnesota Statewide Bicycle System Plan

At a Bemidji public workshop. A robust array of in-person and online activities helped us to gather public guidance from throughout Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is developing a plan for a statewide network of bicycle routes to connect local and regional destinations across Minnesota.

Community engagement (conducted statewide) is a vitally-important part of this project as members of the public have insights and experiences that can help MnDOT develop better facilities and routes and ultimately develop a more useful and user-friendly bicycle network throughout the state.

CDG is conducting all public engagement for the project and developing route and facility recommendations responding to the ideas and comments received. A unique contribution of this work to MnDOT’s engagement practices is an emphasis on developing family-friendly in-person engagement opportunities - including extended "Open House" workshops featuring fun and approachable engagement exercises and family-friendly activities. In addition, innovative online tools, including interactive mapping and commenting tools, have already helped to greatly increase Minnesota residents' participation in the development of the Plan.

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