MnDOT's Rethinking I-94

One of the options considered for the future of I-94 in the project area. Improved walking and biking connections are a key component of the corridor's future. Image: USDOT "Every Place Counts."

MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle had a bold vision for reexamining the portion of Interstate 94 that runs through the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul: knowing that the freeway exists today and is likely to stay for the foreseeable future - what can we do to make it a better neighbor than it is now?

As part of a multi-disciplinary team working on the project, and collaborating closely with corridor cities and the Metropolitan Council, CDG led the effort to re-imagine improved pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure connecting along and across the Interstate 94 corridor. Options ranged from air-rights development for seamless connectivity across the freeway trench to provision of separated / protected bicycle lanes, protected intersections, and enhanced integration with local networks.