Mobility Hubs Planning Guide

A mobility hub in Minneapolis. Image courtesy of City of Minneapolis.

Mobility Hubs are places where people connect with a variety of shared transportation modes - from shared bikes to scooters, transit, ride hailing, shared cars and more.

Working for the Metropolitan Council as part of a multi-disciplinary project team, CDG is developing planning guidance for the hubs and identifying locations throughout the metro area where they can be successfully deployed.

Based on CDG's decade-long experience with bikeshare planning, CDG led development of a context-responsive set of hub types as well as identification of strategies to identify and respond to equity considerations.

CDG's context-responsive approach includes consideration of hub placement within an environment that offers placemaking qualities, walkability, and density of uses and destinations.

The Planning Guide will be completed in December 2021, with first implementation examples expected for summer 2022.