Olivia Comprehensive Plan

Hearing from Olivia residents at the annual Corn Capital Days.

Adorned with tall trees, and set among fields of soybeans, sugar beets, and a sea of corn, Olivia is a community of 2,400 residents located about two hours west of the Twin Cities on Highway 212.

Due to changing circumstances, including changes in local employment, completion of long-awaited investments, and a desire to develop a new vision for the City's future, Olivia has embarked on an effort to develop a new Comprehensive Plan.

CDG is leading a team of consultants to develop the Plan, which will communicate the City's and its residents' ideas and vision.

The CDG team is working with an active an engaged group of citizens, elected officials and City Staff, to develop a blueprint for the City's future.

Work on the Plan started in April 2022 and is expected to conclude in November 2023.

Resources and related documents: