About Community Design Group

We are a people-centered, asset-based urban planning, policy and design consulting firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We develop sustainable approaches to mobility and place, specializing in pedestrian and bicycle planning, and placemaking and urban design.

We work with communities of all sizes to recognize assets already in place, and, through an intentional process of engagement, iteration, and consensus-building, to leverage those assets to implement projects that move a community closer to its vision. We focus on people, place and mobility, and develop solutions that look to the long-term health and sustainability of human communities. We respect individual communities' unique circumstances and concerns, and actively work with citizens and leaders to craft responsive solutions.

The purpose of our work is to support the creation of humane, interesting, healthful and vital environments that allow our communities to grow and prosper economically, socially, artistically and ethically. We believe that real community improvement begins with citizen-led efforts and ideas, and have worked, since our founding in 2001, to support citizen and community initiatives through a commitment to innovation, responsiveness and partnership.

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